Integration of 3D-CAD Systems with TRIFLEX
Stress Isometric Drawings
Interface between PIPENET Transient and TRIFLEX Dynamics

3-D System interfaces

TRIFLEX has now direct interfaces with the following major 3-D CAD and isometric drawing systems

It is also possible to interface TRIFLEX with PDMS from Aveva through I-SKETCH.
If your CAD system is not listed above, please ask. We may have a solution for you, too.

The CAD interface in TRIFLEX extracts all available technical information available in the CAD input files (piping geometry, technical data) and imports the piping model into TRIFLEX. It is enough for a piping stress analyst to inspect the imported data, ripple the information not found in the CAD model (for example process data or pipe construction material) and then just do piping stress analysis. The benefits:

Stress Isometric Drawings

TRIFLEX now allows you to:

The Isometric and Stress Isometric drawings are produced in AutoCAD DXF format. You do not need to spend hours to make Stress Isometric Drawings in AutoCAD or Microstation anymore!

Interface between PIPENET Transient and TRIFLEX Dynamic

TRIFLEX Dynamics has two modes to handle dynamic disturbances affecting pipe stress: Response Spectrum Analysis and Time History Analysis. Response Spectrum Analysis is intended for analyzing the effect of earthquake on the piping system, while the Time History Analysis is for the response of piping system to vibrations and internal forces resulting from transient fluid flow, for example from water-hammer.

Using PIPENET Transient, you can identify, eliminate or diminish the transient fluid flow problems on the process side. What if the transient forces resulting from transient fluid flow remain so strong that they still can affect the piping mechanically? Use the interface between PIPENET Transient and TRIFLEX Dynamic.

Ownership note: PIPENET is owned by Sunrise Systems, Cambridge, UK. TRIFLEX is owned by PipingSolutions Inc., Houston TX, U.S.A.
Nor-Par is exclusive distributor of PIPENET and TRIFLEX in Scandinavia and East Europe.