Blue-Print Process Model of Your Plant's Own Performance
that You Can Run in Your PC

Nor-Par builds process and control models that match the performance of an operating plant
as perfectly as possible with steady state and dynamic process simulation.
Calibrating the model parameters together with the client gives top accurate reflection of the plant behaviour -- giving the user trust and belief --
right in your PC.

By running the Blue-Print model of the plant, you can test in your computer all your ideas
of what you would like to do to with your plant without physical field tests.

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Production Improvement & Optimisation System based on the Blue-Print

The Blue-Print model of plant's own performance is complex, because it must reflect true performance of a plant operation.
By just using the core Blue-Print model, it might not be obvious to the plant engineer what kind of improvements
could be achieved at the plant

The Production Improvement & Optimisation System is "human interface" between the Blue-Print model and the engineer,
making the model comprehensive and easy to operate by members of the plant personnel.

The Production Improvement & Optimisation Tool is custom analysis solution and software,
developed by Nor-Par for each client and together with each client to fully address the unique demands and specifics of the customer.

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Training Simulator based on the Blue-Print

The Training Simulator from Nor-Par is the novelty concept of an Operator Training System.

Unlike many other operator training systems that are based on simplified and closed "black-box" models,
Nor-Par's Training Simulator is based on the Blue-Print model of the plant's own performance that truly reflects
your own production. CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS is the engine for the Blue-Print model.

Since the Blue-Print model has been developed in close cooperation with you, and you have taken part in the model calibration,
you know the model and trust it. Together we can keep the Blue-Print model updated with the ongoing changes in your technology,
so the model will always stay current with the reality of your production.

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Online Process Simulation based on the Blue-Print

Online Process Simulation means the integration between the DCS or SCADA or Historian systems of real operating plant and the Blue-Print model of plant's own performance. It is realized by PLANT2CC and PLANT2CCD software and solutions from Nor-Par, running CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS as the engine.

The integration of the Blue-Print model with your systems can be done by a variety of mechanisms, for example, via OPC, OLE or Excel.

The Blue-Print model of the plant's own performance is updated with trusted process and control data from DCS/SCADA/Historian and it provides your systems with synchronous update of the information that cannot be physically measured but only be achieved by process simulation. Note: We have a connection through Historian systems to SAP.

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Integration of Process & Control in Blue-Print models

The only way to get the Blue-Print model of true plant performance leads through integrating the operation of the process and control sub-systems Nor-Par and its project partners have the necessary experience and skill to integrate process and control models and has done such integrations. To full and realistically model the control subsystem, Nor-Par can write relevant part of the control code and integrate it with the Blue-Print model. The specialty control code is written by Nor-Par based on unique equations from the client to reflect the unique Control System of the client. This includes Advanced Process Control (APC).

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Data reconciliation with Blue-Print models and CC-RECON. OPC in CHEMCAD

CC-RECON add-on to CHEMCAD is ready. With CC-RECON it is possible to calibrate your  instrumentation based on rigorous steady-state plant models. The steady state model is linked online with the control system. CC-RECON intelligently compares the instrument read-outs with the model-based prediction and reports mismatches between what is expected from the measurements and the real information. The model can be updated with the trusted measured information from the control system. 

CHEMCAD now supports the OPC standard and acts as an OPC-DA 2.05 server. CHEMCAD is the " only process simulator certified as OPC compliant

Ownership note:
The implementation work is done by Nor-Par a.s. 
Nor-Par Online A/S is the owner of Training Simulator, Production Improvement & Optimisation System and of PLANT2CC.
CHEMCAD, CC-THERM, CC-DYNAMICS are owned and developed by Chemstations Inc., Houston TX, USA
CHEMCAD, CC-THERM, CC-DYNAMICS are exclusively marketed in Scandinavia, East Europe and Russia by Nor-Par a.s