Environmental technology simulation

Nor-Par provides software and solutions for simulation of environmentally sound technologies of the current era. The software includes many premium features that are included as standard with the programs we are licensing to you. In case of even more demanding needs for your technology, Nor-Par can provide tailor-made software running in the framework of CHEMCAD/CC-DYNAMICS  to uniquely satisfy your needs.

Controlling industrial emissions

CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS are the simulation platform for controlling emission from flue gases, oil & gas products, tanker-ships, oil refinery/petrochemical plant and chemical plants:

Special and very important case is controlling emissions of:

Nor-Par has experience and wide base of solved industrial problems for environmental problems as described above. Three general approaches are taken:

  1. Simulate the pollution removal technology for best performance (for example, remove CO2 form flue gases). This involves technologies from traditional to most modern ones
  2. Control the emission where it is created (for example, reduce the emission from at a tank farm)
  3. Calculate impact of emission on the environment

CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS have all necessary tools for (1) and (2). The impact of the pollutions on the environment can be calculated by the WAR algorithm of EPA (market standard), which is the standard feature delivered in CHEMCAD.

Capture of CO2 from industrial emissions and transmission of liquid CO2

Governments bound by the Kyoto protocol encourage the industry to reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to diminish the "green-house effect". One of viable ways is to capture CO2 from flue gases. The CO2 capture can be calculated for both traditional and the most modern technologies using CHEMCAD. Nor-Par can help you with unique CO2 capture technologies by providing tailor-made software for the CHEMCAD framework and we can also help you with the advice.

The captured CO2 has to be stored, for example in underground caverns, to which it has to be trasported. Nor-Par has experience with simulating the transportation of CO2 over long-distance transmission pipelines. Uniqueness includes simulation of extremely long pipelines, detailed heat transfer between the fluid and the ambient, and variation of properties of the fluid along the pipeline. We can deliver the software and serve the advice. We have reference client, only ask.

Renewable fuel (bio-fuel) technologies 

Governments also encourage the industry to produce and use fuels derived from renewable sources, or "bio-fuels".
Read the chapter on Bio-fuel Technology Simulation.

Chemstations and Nor-Par

Chemstations Inc based in Houston TX , USA are the owners and makers of the CHEMCAD Suite of process simulation software.

Oslo-based Nor-Par a.s is exclusive distributor of CHEMCAD Suite in Scandinavia, East Europe and Russia . Nor-Par a.s and its daughter company Nor-Par Online A/S also provide own software and solutions to fill the gap between standard process simulation software and unique needs of the market as well as unique needs from a specific client.