Membrane Separation Technology Unit

Nor-Par has developed specialized Membrane Separation Technology Unit. This is a tailor made software that uses CHEMCAD as the Engine.

The unit simulates the performance of membrane unit for pervaporation process (dehydating ethanol to fuel-grade specifications). The unit is valid for any alcohol(s) - water mixture. The calculation results have been extensively verified against a pilot plant using Sulzer membranes.

The Membrane Separation Technology Unit is used as a part of ethanol dehydration models. It has been proven that using Membrane Separation, energy consumption for dehydration can be reduced to 9% of the demand for conventional distillation with entrainer.

Documentation and demo examples as well as live Web presentation by an instructor are available on demand from Nor-Par a.s.

Nor-Par can deliver the Membrane Separation technology Unit as a software package to CHEMCAD users. We also provide consulting help with using the Unit in your technology simulation.

Chemstations and Nor-Par

Chemstations Inc based in Houston TX , USA are the owners and makers of the CHEMCAD Suite of process simulation software.

Oslo-based Nor-Par a.s is exclusive distributor of CHEMCAD Suite in Scandinavia, East Europe and Russia . Nor-Par a.s and its daughter company Nor-Par Online A/S also provide own software and solutions to fill the gap between standard process simulation software and unique needs of the market as well as unique needs from a specific client.