Two- and three-phase fluid flow in pipelines,
heat transfer, long transmission pipelines
compressible fluids, property profiles,
pressure relief

Whenever the fluid in a pipeline... need a thermophysical property package to determine physical properties of media flowing through the piping.

Whenever there is significant heat transfer between the pipe contents and the ambient (air, water, soil, seawater or any other environment), the heat transfer affects both properties of fluid along the pipe and  the pressure drop. In long transmission pipelines, properties of fluid continually change (especially for compressible fluids) and it affects pressure drop over the pipeline. Simple model assuming constant physical properties cannot be applied in such case. Piping systems also need pressure relief calculations, tanks

For all aforementioned purposes, CHEMCAD or CC-DYNAMICS (and its sub-part CC-SAFETY NET) are the answer. CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS (and CC-SAFETY NET) include:

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Chemstations and Nor-Par

Chemstations Inc based in Houston TX , USA are the owners and makers of the CHEMCAD Suite of process simulation software.

Oslo-based Nor-Par a.s is exclusive distributor of CHEMCAD Suite in Scandinavia, East Europe and Russia . Nor-Par a.s and its daughter company Nor-Par Online A/S also provide own software and solutions to fill the gap between standard process simulation software and unique needs of the market as well as unique needs from a specific client.