Addressing the needs of the pulping industry
and of the bleaching chemical business

Pulping technology simulation

In the technologies of the pulping industry, chemistry of the operations is extremely complex and difficult to describe. Simplifications of different types are made to adequately model the chemistry of pulping.  Pulping technology operations are characterized by dynamic (non-steady state) operation, high consumption of water and energy, heavy use of bleaching chemicals, needs of recovering the chemicals, solid handling as well as environmental problems. Therefore, there is great need for a powerful modelling simulation tool to describe and analyze the consequences of process changes and improvements.

The key-points for the pulp-mill are production improvement and optimisation to reduce the manufacturing cost and environmental loads while keeping high quality of produced fibers. Nor-Par provides software and tailor-made solutions for pulping technology modelling together with interfaces to and integration with specialized software for this field.

Currently, CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS have interfaces with major Scandinavian programs specialized in fiber line simulation: some with integration via Excel, other with full integration using CHEMCAD/CC-DYNAMICS as the Engine. Please ask Nor-Par for details.

Recovery systems and power system simulation

CHEMCAD, CC-THERM and CC-DYNAMICS have all necessary capabilities to simulate technologies found in pulp-mill recovery and power systems. Nor-Par has several key actors in this market as clients, for example Andritz or Metso Power, and we have many more.  Please ask Nor-Par for more infomation..

Bleaching chemicals manufacturing

CHEMCAD is extremely well fit for simulation of bleaching manufacturing. First licenses were granted to the Nordic bleaching chemical industry more than 15 years ago. Since early 1990’s CHEMCAD got the electrolyte simulation capabilities and this feature has been developed and updated until now.

Today, CHEMCAD has one of the strongest electrolyte calculation capabilities found in the market, making it ideal for calculation complex salt systems, precipitation/crystallization, absorption, desorption and similar technologies found in inorganic industries.

Our qualified personnel will help you regress available data for your electrolytes/salts, so you can start working with the program as if it were “out of shelf” package for your industry needs.

Chemstations and Nor-Par

Chemstations Inc based in Houston TX , USA are the owners and makers of the CHEMCAD Suite of process simulation software. 

Oslo-based Nor-Par a.s is exclusive distributor of CHEMCAD Suite in Scandinavia, East Europe and Russia . Nor-Par a.s and its daughter company Nor-Par Online A/S also provide own software and solutions to fill the gap between standard process simulation software and unique needs of the market as well as unique needs from a specific client.