Process safety

Nor-Par provides numerous tools to increase process safety.

Controlling and eliminating pressure surges in piping networks and pipelines

PIPENET Transient is a proven tool for calculating, controlling and eliminating pressure surges that occur in piping networks and transmission pipelines. You can use PIPENET Transient for, i.a., these applications:

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Sizing and analysis of Pressure Relief Valves and Rupture/Burst Disks 

CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS have built in as a standard feature sizing and analysis of pressure relief valves as well as rupture/burst disks according to the renowned DIERS technology. 

Both CHEMCAD and CC-DYNAMICS have these capabilities

In CC-DYNAMICS, it is possible to test selected emergency relief device under realistic operating conditions. The Dynamic Tank and Vessel Reactor models have the DIERS calculation built in as part of the equipment model. In case there is overpressure in a tank or vessel, the model will automatically calculate the performance of the emergency relief device and will determine whether the chosen device will handle the emergency situation properly.

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Training of plant operators

Process safety can be greatly increased by timely training plant operators on realistic model of the real plant they are expect to control. The Training Simulator from Nor-Par uses the Blue-Print dynamic process & control model of operator's own plant's performance and the Malfunction Scenarios as defined for the specific plant. This way, the operators have to learn acting according to safety procedures as defined by the plant owner.

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Developing operational  and safety procedures for a plant

While the Training Simulator acts on the accurate model of the existing operating plant, the Production Improvement & Optimisation System that works on the same Blue-Print dynamic process & control model of operator's own plant's performance is intended, among others, for predicting what will happen to the plant in near future after modifications have been done to the plant's equipment or operating regime. The user creates own "What-If" scenarios and, from operational safety viewpoint can:

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Sunrise Systems, Chemstations and Nor-Par

Sunrise Systems based in Cambridge UK are the owners and makers of PIPENET fluid flow software.
Chemstations Inc based in Houston TX , USA are the owners and makers of the CHEMCAD Suite of process simulation software.

Oslo-based Nor-Par a.s is exclusive distributor of CHEMCAD Suite in Scandinavia, East Europe and Russia and exclusive distributor of PIPENET in Scandinavia and East Europe.  Nor-Par a.s and its daughter company Nor-Par Online A/S also provide own software and solutions to fill the gap between standard process simulation software and unique needs of the market as well as unique needs from a specific client.