Training & Courses

Nor-Par offers a variety of Training & Courses in use of Software we distribute and support.

Web-based Training

This form of training is ideal for 1-3 users who want to get Basic or Advanced Training in use of CHEMCAD, TRIFLEX and PIPENET. You are sitting by the screen of your PC and talk with the Nor-Par instructor by a speaker-phone or Internet audio. You and our instructor are connected by the Internet and use Web conferencing tools from Nor-Par. The software typically runs on a Nor-Par's computer. You work with the instructor almost as if you all were sitting in one room. Vital part of the training is solving problems based on your own work and needs. You can also be trained on standard learning examples.

Typical layout of Web-based training is 2 x 3-hour sessions. Both sessions can be taken on a single day or on two consecutive days. If needed, more sessions can be ordered.


Nor-Par charges standard rates for the Web-based training.

Onsite Training/Course

This form is a meeting to be held at your company premises. Typically, larger number of users can take part. The practical limit of users in the training is up to 20 people. Your company needs to provide a conference room with usual presentation facilities and  computers connected in LAN so every user can work on a PC. The instructor brings a temporary network license for your company users for the duration of the course. Basic and Advanced Courses are offered. The first part of course is the general training in use of a given software system; the second part is always based on practical problems as solved by your company in everyday's work.

Typical number of days of training is as follows:

  1. CHEMCAD Suite: 1-5 days based on the modules involved (CC-STEADY STATE, CC-THERM, CC-DYNAMICS, CC-SAFETY NET). The 5-day course usually involves both Basic and Advanced Course, and 2 or 3-day course is for full Basic Training.

  2. TRIFLEX Windows: 1-2 days where 1-day course is for TRIFLEX Static and 2-day course is for TRIFLEX Static/Dynamic

  3. PIPENET: One day is required for each module: Spray, Standard or Transient

The charge for Onsite Course is based on standard Training Fee depending on the number of days and on the Travelling, Accommodation and Stay cost of the instructor.


Consulting Help

Nor-Par does not provide engineering services because we do not compete with our Engineering/Consulting users. Nor-Par can, however, help existing users of CHEMCAD Suite, TRIFLEX Windows and PIPENET to understand better how to use the software for solving very specific problems. Consulting Help as offered by Nor-Par involves reviewing your engineering problems, suggesting ways to tackle specific difficult problem, providing solutions for uncommon applications of the software and also building Blue Print Model of Plant's Own Performance hand in hand together with your company/plant.

Ask for price for Consulting Help.

Conference Courses

Nor-Par can organize Conference Courses to gather users from different companies in a united Workshop. Please ask for Conference Courses and once Nor-Par gets 4-5 requests from given area, we will notify you on Conference Course availability.

Academic Workshops

Nor-Par has organized a number of successful Academic Workshops with special focus on Dynamic Process Simulation. Academic Workshops fall into two categories:

  1. Scientific cadre of many Technical Universities gathers to learn how the software for Nor-Par could be the best used in University students education in integrated Workshop. Typically Workshops are organized between Semesters.

  2. Students of Scientific Circles needs to get intensive training in Process Simulation, Pipe-Stress Analysis and Fluid Flow Simulation. Such intensive courses can be organized on weekends.

Ask Nor-Par for conditions.