Unique services

Our group provides these unique services to our clients:

Development advanced steady-state and dynamic process/control models
For our industrial clients:
1. We build advanced steady-state model that precisely reflect the plant's own performance. This is done hand in hand with the client 
and the model is calibrated together with the client to match the production reality
2. We build advanced dynamic process & control model based on the steady state model (1). After calibration against the trusted 
measured plant data, the model becomes the Blue-Print Model of Plant's Own Performance that the user can run in his PC.
3. We then build Production Improvement & Optimisation System based on the Blue-Print model
4. Or, we build Training Simulator that is also based on the Blue-Print model
5. We help the client integrate the Blue-Print model with the plant's Control Systems and we build industrial controller algorithms
6. We help the client reconcile the plant's measurements based on the Blue-Print model.

All these parts (1-6) use CHEMCAD, CC-DYNAMICS or CC-RECON from Chemstations as the Engine.
Development of tailor-made software add-ons
On demand from the client, we develop add-on software modules to perform functions not found in the standard software
As an example, we could mention very complex reactor or fermentation models made by us that became a part of Blue-Print model 
as described above.
Development of general software based on the needs from the market
When we learn from the market that a feature not found in standard software is widely needed, we develop corresponding software
and offer it to the market. For example, we have developed our own Membrane Technology
Simulation Unit that uses CHEMCAD as Engine. Tell us what you need and we will make it for you.
Targeting future development in standard software to meet the client needs
We help our clients identify the needs that could be found in the future releases of standard software. 
After having the needs identified, we satisfy the needs of our clients with our tailor-made solutions
and/or advise software houses about the need of the development for the future versions of standard software.

How does Nor-Par help their clients?

Web training
Nor-Par provides intensive training courses using the Internet. These are several segments of 3 or 6 hours. The users work from their PC on the instructor's PC over the Internet and talk over the phone or Internet telephony (Skype). We have given big number of  Web-based training courses and demos over last 5 years.
Web advisory
Our clients ask us very often on giving advice and help for their practical problems. We give such help over the Internet and phone,
similarly to Web training.